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The Department of Students and Youth Services focuses its energy on development of Young People so that they can be changemakers and Good Citizens of our country. DoSYS tries to organize programmes which enable students both in Schools and Colleges to come out of their comfort zone and try to explore their hidden talents and potential. DoSYS organize programmes such as leadership Camps, Adventure Activities, Dance and Theatre competition, Festivals, etc.

Now, what DOSYS has started is to make a group or gang of 'Y' volunteers which will be given exposure in how to organize programmes and also they will be given opportunity to participate in NDYMCA Programmes according to their potentials and capabilities. The Dept is also well connected with the National Council which organizes Youth Assembly, and Programmes that are Youth Centred in various places around India and Abroad.

New Delhi YMCA
Department of Students and Youth Services
Paul Daniel Lakra- Asst Secretary
Jai Singh Road, New Delhi- 110 001 | | Email :
Phone : 43644049,4364400 Extn. 386,385 | Fax : 23746035/32

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