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The Centre caters to the needs of youth in and around Nizamuddin area, and the challenged, through: Institute for Special Education , Special School, Teacher's Training Programme, Home Training Programme; Programme for children and youth.

Under the educational services head of New Delhi YMCA
Teacher Training Institute: The New Delhi YMCA Nizamuddin Division runs a two year full time Diploma course in Special Education in Mental retardation (D.Ed SE-MR). The course is recognised by the Rehabilitation Council of India. The course will enable pre-service teachers to acquire knowledge, develop competencies and practice skills to impart education to children with special needs.

Institute for Special Education
Special School :- Trained staff provides guidance to 35 special children at Junior, Senior and Pre-vocational levels in the Special School. The school provides facilities in sports, music, drama and recreation. Annual planning of Individualized Educational / Training Programme ( IEP) is conducted with assessment and evaluation of each student. The students participate in Greeting Card making project during Diwali and Christmas seasons. They also participate in candle- making project, and block printing. Waste Paper Bags and envelope making project is conducted throughout the year and the products are consumed by the School. Other project includes Paper Mache, Gardening and Clay Modeling.The students participate in National Special Olympics.

Home Training Programme Its aim is to provide early intervention/prevention and to impart training to their parents in various skill areas within the home setting . ISE attempts to reach out to the maximum number of pre-school children who cannot be admitted to the Special School. A Home Training Advisor provides instructions and training on a weekly basis at the Centre. Parents are requested to follow up at home and report back the following week. Special emphasis is given towards facilitating Government benefits available.

Teacher's Training Programme :- The ISE conducts a "one year Diploma in Special Education in Mental Retardation". The programme is recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India.

Summer Camp :- The YMCA organizes summer camps during summer vacations for children in the age group( 5 to 15). The Programme aims at developing the creative talents of the clients and to involve them in useful and constructive activities.

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