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  Social and Human Development
  Dalits, Tribals and Human Rights
  Issue Related Community Programme
  Public Affairs
It was an atom of an idea which took and triggered a whole movement, manifesting in an explosion it like to which has never been, was never will be. The tennis courts of the Tourist Hostel of the New Delhi YMCA was the stage for the first act of what eventually became a never - ending drama of unlimited acts. Fittingly, the birth of the YMCA invitation Boxing Championship began with schoolboys and appropriately too, the final of that Championship in 1973 involved the country's first, and till now, only Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw , the chief of the Army Staff.
Promotion and enhancement of mutual caring, loving and humane communities with a mission of restoring abundant life to all, with special concern for the most distressed and dehumanised in the capital.
Develop a self-reliant society by educating and motivating the urban-poor in resettlement colonies and slums.
As women and youth form an integral part in National Development, they cannot be denied their place and ignored. Thus it assists women and youth to realise their full potential through social and educational development activities, enabling them to take up greater responsibilities and perform a better role.

The Department has been working with underprivileged people living in selected slums and resettlement colonies for a number of years. At present the community work is being carried out at eleven Alternative Learning Centres coordinated through three Community Development Centres at : Kapoor Thakur, Aradhak Nagar and Kalyan Puri. The objective is to develop a self reliant society by educating and motivating the urban poor in resettlement colonies and slums concentrating on child care, community health care, adult education, legal literacy, income generating programmes, etc. The Department proposes to undertake Awareness Generation Programme in Slums and Resettlement Colonies on the following :
   Women and Health
 Social Legislation, Legal Literacy
 Domestic Violence on Women
 Livelihood skills
 Self Help Group/ Cooperatives

Apart from these, the YMCA also runs a Family Counselling Centre at Aradhak Nagar. The Centre caters to issues such as

 Dowry harassment
 Property Dispute
 Domestic Violence
 Vocational Guidance
 Employment Assistance etc.
The Department deals with the problems faced by Dalits and other marginalized people. The Department's functions are:

  To study the problems, which are socio-poltico-economic, faced by Dalits and others backward classes, who are marginalized.

  The Department organises with the Dalits and others programmes concerning their status, their privileges and their future, so that they are able to determine their own destiny and not feel marginalized and obliged.

 The YMCA offers a platform for Dalit organisations to raise their voice to be heard.
There are many issues that afflict the society in Delhi. Some of them are environment, traffic problems, poor health conditions.

The Department organises not only community based study but also workshops, seminars etc. This Department also plays an advocacy role through networking.
The Department arranges lectures, seminars and workshops on matters related to public affairs, including poltical, sociological and economic issues.

The Department brings out publications as recommendation to civic bodies and other NGOs in Delhi.

The YMCA is a rallying point for NGOs interested in public affairs.
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