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SATTAL (Uttrakhand)

Sattal Campsite

The YMCA Campsite cum Programme Centre at Sattal in Nainital District is a 15 acre Campsite with camping and luxury tents. An ideal venue for holidaying, training programmes, workshops and retreat meetings. Approximately 1300 people stayed at the campsite during 2010-11.

National Youth Camp
New Delhi YMCA Campsite Sattal hosted a National Youth Camp from October 25-30, 2010 under the aegis of National Council of YMCAS. Nearly 200 participants from all over India took part and Ms. Aruna Bharti, PCS, City Circle Officer inaugurated it. Besides adventure activities like Rock Climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing and Kayaking, awareness creating sessions were held on 'First Aid' and 'Environmental Degradation'.

          The Camp endeavors to provide youth an opportunity for friendship (healthy interaction), cultural pursuit (enhancing their capacity for aesthetic appreciation) and social action (channelize their energies and talent in constructive pursuits) to create a more equitable and egalitarian society. As the most colorful, exciting and challenging period in an individual’s life is his or her youth; the Camp will help them to exhibit and express their latent skills and talents, innovativeness, excitement and exuberance for life. Youth is a period where they can perform the best, learn the most, adapt in the easiest way. It is a period of maximum energy and at the same time, it is a period of maximum vulnerability. The program will make an effort to engrain in the youth a feeling of self awareness and respect, which would fill them with a sense of pride and identity besides providing an impetus to the young to pursue and grow in their potentialities and capabilities.
Altitude - 4000 ft above Sea level
Distance from Delhi - 340 km
1.  Camping is education. Every experience at camp adds to the learning of the individual. Adjust to the camp life with the intention of gaining new experiences of personal development.
Observe rules and regulations, which are for the good of all and are expected to be followed.
Decorum and dignity must be observed by the campers in this relation with each other.
Selfishness has no place in a camp. Use every facility in consideration of others.
Bath, toilet and other personal needs should be attended to at the time allotted.
Cleanliness, Hygiene and Sanitation of the campsite (venue) are an absolute necessity.
Good health is necessary to enjoy camp life. Take care of injuries and report sickness immediately.
Everyone must go to bed at 2300 hrs. when lights are off. Abstain from any activity and observe silence.
Punctuality and wholehearted participation brings success to any program. Report on time for every session.
Cooperation and teamwork produce great results. Share responsibilities and make friends with all.
Rappeling | River Crossing | Rock climbing | Jummaring | Flying Fox ( River Crossing ) | Kaiking | Trekking Boating | Bird watching etc.
Around the YMCA Campsite- Sattal
Bhimtal is situated in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India at an altitude of 1,370 meters above sea level and is about 22 km from Nainital. It is an ancient place named after Bhima of Mahabharata. The main attraction of this place is Bhimtal Lake which has an island at its centre. The distance of island from lake shore is 91 mts. Tourists visits this place by boats. An old Shiva temple, Bhimeshwara Mahadev Temple is on the bank of Bhimtal lake, which is believed to have been built when Bhima visited the place during the vanvas period of pandavas. Other places of interest in Bhimtal are Garg Parvat, Nal Damyanti Tal and Hidimba Parvat.

Nainital , Uttaranchal is famous not just for its green hills or many lakes. It is also famous for it's many legends and stories. Hundreds of ancient temples and peaks with astounding views of the mountains in the background add to Nainital's magical appeal.The history of this dainty town sails over the surface of the Naini Lake, where oarsmen narrate the stories of the rishis who brought the waters of the sacred Mansarovar River to formSuffocating at times with thousands of tourists, Nainital is also home to Sherwood, one of India's most prestigious schools.


(1218 MT) About 4 kms from Bhim Tal -lies the mystique lake with 9 corners. Surrounded by dense forested hills on all sides it provides solace from the maddening rush of the plains.


The abode of unrivalled beauty blended with spiritusalism, Mukteshwar attracts multitudes of nature lovers. Encompassed by coniferous forests and orchards, the scenic snow-clad Himalayas in the north with a panoramic view of peaks like Nanda Devi (25646 ft), Nanda Devi East (24391 ft), Nanda Kot (22510 ft), Nanda Ghunti (20702 ft), Trishul (23360 ft) and the Panchachuli massif (22650) it captivates every eye.


(1829 MT) This beautiful hill resort is about 63 km from Nainital. Its beauty lies in its simplicity - beautiful pine trees create a nostalgic feeling. The orchards, the temples, the joy grounds will back on you again and again to its fold


Almora is a perfect picturesque district. You will notice a fine blend of ancient cultural influences, mountain beauty, scenic valleys, crystal lakes, quaint cottages, sanctified spots, gushing rivers and thickly wooded forests. All this things inspires one to sya “Switzerland in India”.


Ghorakhal is a small place, perched at an altitude of 2000 meters above the sea level. It falls under Nainital district of Uttarakhand, approximately 36 km from Kathgodam Station and 4 km from Bhowali. 'Ghorakhal ' literally means ‘a pond for water to horses’. One of the famous attractions in Ghorakhal is Golu Devta Temple, always in news for the unique rituals performed here. One such ritual is that devotees make petitions at the temple, using stamp papers, to seek desired decree in litigations. On accomplishment of their wish, the deity is shown gratitude by hanging bells or making animal sacrifice. People from all over the region consider Golu Devta, the presiding deity of the temple, to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and ‘the God of Justice’..


This place has achieved recognition owing to the ashram of the famous Shri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji.Many hundreds of people visit the temples here every day, in season. Each year, during the June 15th Bhandara, reportedly, more than one lakh (100,000) people are fed.Kainchi is a term used for two sharp hairpin bends of the motor road in local dialect hence the name. It has NO relation with scissors.

For Reservation/ Information Contact
Sattal, Post Office Sattal,Nainital - 263136 (Uttarakhand)
Noel Phillips Executive Director Email ID: Phone(s): 9368002081 & 9758459590
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