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Public Relations and Communication department is the official voice of New Delhi YMCA and it is responsible for supervising the organization of the cultural and public relations with various organizations within and outside the country.

The Department coordinates social activities through the Department of cultural programmes, coordination of conferences, seminars, lectures, exhibitions and celebrations. It is also keen to give a true and bright image of the NDY by providing news agencies, newspapers and the media with news reports that highlight the activities of the Organization, in addition to feeding and updating the news section on the New Delhi YMCA website. The department edits and supervises the printing press in order to clarify the NDY’s mission and objectives. It is also responsible for the overall appearance of the Organization.

NDY's in Press

Newsletter of the New Delhi YMCA

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    Newsletter of the New Delhi YMCA
    January-April 2011

Department of Public Relations and Communication
New Delhi YMCA
Jai Singh Road, New Delhi- 110 001 | Email :
Phone : 43644017 | Fax : 23746035/32

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